Crime                             Penalty

To leave Islam (Apostasy)                                   = Death by beheading
Atheism                                                                 = Death by beheading
Drinking alcohol once | twice (mo)                     = 40 or 80 Lashes
Drinking alcohol three or four times (mo)          = Death by beheading
Adultery (if married)                                             = Death by stoning
Rape (If married)                                                  = Death by stoning
Rape or Fornication (If not married)                  = 100 Lashes + 1 year banishment
Homosexuality (Method 1)                                  = Death by stoning
Homosexuality (Method 2)                           = Death: thrown off the highest point in the city
Homicide                                                               = Death by beheading
Fighting against Muslim Jihadists                       = Death by beheading
Blasphemy (Insulting Allah/Muhammad/Qur’an = Death by beheading
Waging war against Allah/Muhammad               = Death by beheading | Crucifixion
Causing mischief in the land                  =Beheading, Crucifixion, Amputation, Exile
Drug Smuggling (mischief)                                   = Death by beheading
Highway Robbery with no murder                        = Hand & foot amputated
Failed highway robbery with murder                   = Death by beheading
Highway Robbery + Murder                                  = Death by crucifixion
Stealing – 1st offense                                            = Right hand amputated
Stealing – 2nd offense                                           = Left foot amputated
Stealing – 3rd offense                                            = Left hand amputated
Stealing – 4th offense                                            = Right foot amputated
Stealing – 5th offense                                            = Death by beheading
Spying/Espionage                                                  = Death by beheading
Treason                                                                    = Death by beheading
Sorcery/Witchcraft                                                  = Death by beheading
Incest                                                                        = Death by beheading
Sodomy/Bestiality                                                   = Death by beheading
Burning/Soiling the Qur’an                                     = Death by beheading
Rejecting parts of Qur’an (mo)                              = Death by beheading
Associating partners with Allah (Polytheism)       = Death by beheading
Worshipping the Sun, Moon or idols (mo)            = Death by beheading
Hanging onto curtains of Ka’ba in Mecca             = Death by beheading

Sources: Qur’an, Hadith Collections, Islamic history books, Sharia Laws
Mo=Applies to Muslims only

This is a very barbaric religion. This religion has no place in this world. If you don’t want to see these punishments taking place you must prevent this religion from spreading.


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